Dangerous and Poisonous King Cobra Saved 2 Puppies

We often hear amazing stories about the animal world, and the more dangerous an animal is, the more incredible the story often turns out to be. Snakes are often considered to be the most dangerous creature on the planet, but this story helps us think otherwise.

While we normally think of a King Cobra to be a terrifying creature with no mercy, this cobra gives us a different take on what should have been a deadly situation. This particular story took place in the Indian state of Punjab. Two small puppies accidentally fell into a well. The well was very deep, and they couldn’t get out on their own. Their owner soon noticed that they were missing, later hearing their mother’s loud, incessant barking.

We are used to seeing stories about people and animals that are rescued from wells, but this story blindsided us all. This snake showed us that humans aren’t the only ones who understand when someone is scared and needs a little compassion.

When the two puppies fell into the well, the fall alone should have been the end of their story. But the two came face to face with the deadly king cobra, but instead of it attacked them, it protected them while they were hungry and scared.

Luckily for the pups, the mother quickly noticed two of her own were missing and made sure the owner was aware of where they fell. While the rescuers looked around for where the puppies might be, they became aware of the dangerous situation they were in. In the end, the puppies spent a total of 48 hours in the well. When help finally arrived from the authorities, the cobra crawled to the other side of the well out of the way. The puppies were not injured at all, whilst the snake was taken to the woods and released.

This story proves that the most dangerous creatures on Earth know to help another being when it’s in danger.