Clear Footage Of UFO’s Above Giza Pyramids


A bizarre video of what appears to be three upside-down pyramids UFOs floating above the pyramids of Giza has gone viral across social media.


The mind blowing footage was uploaded by Youtuber Section 51 2, which shows the triangular pyramid UFOs hovering above the Giza Pyramids whilst stunned tourists look on in amazement.

The video is one of the clearest to date, and the question remains are they aliens, man-made or a complete hoax, you decide.

TheExpress reports: It even shows close ups of the upside down pyramids, looking up from the base of the pyramids, as they appear to hover and rotate above three of the relics.

Section 51 2 includes no real details about the alleged sighting but says in subtitles on the video that it was filmed in April 2016, and the UFOs were present for four hours.

An article accompanying the video on the Section 51 2 website makes no further reference to the alleged sighting in the video.

It instead discusses the Tulli Papyrus, which is an alleged ancient document which suggests that flying saucers, described as “circles of fire”, appeared over the pyramids in around 1500 BC.

It also points to an “ancient astronauts” conspiracy theory which claims that the pyramids were built by our ancestors with the help of an advanced race of aliens that visited Earth thousands of years ago.

However, it is likely the video is a clever hoax made using CGI technology.

Critics have pointed out if this actually happened it would likely have made world TV news and not been consigned to one website.

Earl Verity posted on YouTube: “I wish it were true but this is not. would have been the biggest news story of mankind!

“User Kalvash posted on YouTube: “So it was there for several hours and this is the only guy to record and upload it?”

And one called Teflon12110 said: “Good CGI and light rendering but bystanders are not fascinated enough with it as well as the resolutions are off from the ‘ufo’ in comparison to the pyramid.”

Section 51 2 has been outed by serious UFO investigators and hoax busters as regularly using GCI effects to add extraordinarily clear-looking UFOs to its videos.

The website and channel features on many UFO investigators “blacklists” of so-called UFO sites to avoid because of its alleged use of hoaxes, which “discredit genuine research”.

The ‘about section’ on its website suggests it broadcasts genuine footage, saying: “Sometimes we have no words to explain what we see, sometimes we can see that it’s just hoax.

“The purpose of Section 51 is to make you ask yourself these questions about UFOs… Many UFO reports from soldiers exist all around the world but some people want to hide the truth.

“Section 51 shows you UFO incidents reported by people and most of the time by soldiers in wartime.”

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It states: “These videos are for entertainment purposes only.”

We cannot authenticate all videos. Viewers are free to make their own conclusions.”

Scott Brando, who runs hoax-busting website, said the channel “clearly” broadcast out and out hoaxes which had been digitally made. has contacted Section 51 2 a number of times over whether the videos are genuine but is yet to receive a response.