Angel at the Hospital caught on camera


A woman claims a Guardian Angel visited her daughter at the hospital and can even been seen on video! Colleen was prepared for the death of her disabled teenage daughter, who became critically ill from pneumonia. As the young girls was taken off life support, the family braced for the inevitable. But, after an hour, hospital workers were shocked to see the figure of what looked like an angel on the security camera.

Colleen believed it was an angel to take Chelsea to heaven, or one bringing a message of hope – that Chelsea was getting better. Watch to see which it was!

Between 8 to 12 million Americans have claimed that angels have visited them as they face death. In fact, these near-death experiences, NDEs as they are called, are increasingly common, and life changing for the people who encounter these situations. While we call these near-death experiences, the truth is that many people are actually, biologically dead. Somehow, however, there is not a total death experience. Many claim that they are given a choice. Many no longer fear death after getting a glimpse of the afterlife. And many know, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is eternal life after death.