Wild Raven Comes To Talk With Old Man


In Merlyn Williams’ video of Raymond the raven we see an interesting social interaction between corvid and human. He appears not to be afraid of Merlyn, but engaging with him with gurgling croaks and calls. Maybe Raymond’s keen observations of humans made him aware that Merlyn was not a threat, but rather a friendly soul he could spark an interaction with.

Despite all the bad rep, seeing one still leaves one in awe of its beauty. And in this video, we see one corvid perched on a balcony against a snowy backdrop.

A presumably welsh man begins to approach it and luckily it does not fly off. The man even begins to talk to it, with the raven seemingly responding with its own croaking calls. It is quite an amusing sight as the man and the raven come off as two gentlemen (or people if the raven turns out to be a girl) having a nice chat on a beautiful snowy day. The clip is sure to be a hit with a lot of people as not everyone has gotten a chance to see a raven up close, let alone hear it calling. And in the video, the raven even does a variety of calls, with one sounding a lot like a laugh.

Ravens are one of the most beautiful birds out there with large thanks to their shiny black feathers. They’re also a species of bird with a lot of legends and myth surrounding them – also largely due to their feathers along with their croaking calls. Some legends associate them with the threat of a looming catastrophe, some suggest that they are actually the ghosts of murdered persons, and some say that they are the mediator between life and death. It certainly does not end there though as there are a whole lot more stories people have made with regard to ravens with some dating back to ancient Greece, the Middle Ages, the Viking age, all to the way to the time of Noah!

Watch below the video for yourself and share it with your friends. It might just change your general notion about ravens.