Month: February 2017

8 Warning Signs of Chronic Anxiety Most People Ignore


Chronic anxiety is a common anxiety disorder that involves constant worry, nervousness and tension. It goes far beyond worrying about a work project or being nervous before a date. Chronic anxiety is an intense, persistent and excessive problem that can become extremely disruptive to a person’s everyday life, including his or her health. Anxiety causes […]

Hydrogen Peroxide and Cancer: This is What You Must know!


Unfortunately, cancer has become the plague of the modern era, and we are constantly surrounded by it. Moreover, even though we are daily struggling to avoid its deadly effects, the modern society is full of cancerous products, materials, and chemicals. We are exposed to this dangerous influence through the regular use of cosmetics, GMO foods, […]

The Real Truth About Microwaves Everyone Ignores


During the World War II era, two scientists invented a tube that created microwaves called the magnetron. Combining the magnetrons with Britain’s radar system, the microwaves were efficient in spotting Nazi warplanes on their mission to bomb the British Isles. In an accident, Percy LeBaron Spencer from the Raytheon Company (many years later) found that […]

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