China: Cops Beat a Woman, Thousands of Men Begin Stoning Cops in Streets

Were you aware that this even happened? Total mainstream media blackout…

Tens of thousands of enraged Chinese citizens swarmed the streets after an inexcusable act of police brutality, which reportedly took place when police began beating a woman in public.

The citizens were so outrage and overtaken by anger that they killed four police officers, and troops were even called in to calm the uprising.

Crowds of citizens formed and immediately demanded that the officers stop beating her. But they made the lethal mistake of continuing.

A man then tried to film the incident was likewise brutalized by the police and eventually died as a result.

This is when all hell broke loose and tens of thousands of Chinese citizens encircled the cops and began attacking them with rocks and baseball bats, chanting “Kill them! Kill them for what we just saw them do!”

The officers were part of an “elite” unit called Chengguan, were branded “government thugs” and beaten to death while trying to find shelter in their van.

Not only were the cops killed, their van was crushed and even the truck that the troops (to calm the crowd down) were driving was also flipped over.

These images document this incredible demonstration. Discretion is advised.
These are the 4 officers that were killed

Although this clearly got out of hand, this demonstrates just how powerful we are when we stand together.