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Why Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed his life?


If you ask a spiritual master why Lord Jesus gave up his life, they will tell you- for others, for us, for humanity… But the main question today is what are we giving him for that sacrifice? Nothing! Most of us are committing evil activities. Most of the human society either ignores that fact or […]

This charity is unique!


Poverty is bad and worst when experience as a child. They should study but can’t- because of struggle for food. Would you help them if you can? Did you know that just 15$ from you can fund food for 1 kid for an entire year! The Akshaya Patra Foundation, India based NGO, runs one of […]

Easiest way to make a tie!


  Every day you spend a lot of time to wear a tie… This pic presents a very simple way to make a tie and in only 6 steps. Easy, Simple, Effective and easy to learn, which eventually will save you a lot of time. The best part, you will no longer have to struggle […]

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