A Bold Man Saved Deer Life from the Clutches of a Python

The video of python swallowing deer is going viral on social media. The reason for this video being viral is not how the python swallowed deer, but how a person played with his life and saved deer from the clutches of the python. When the python takes the deer in its grip with full force, at the same time, a passer was able to free it from the clutches of the python.


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This video has been shared by a Indian Forest Service personal who wrote with the video, ‘Did this guy do it right?’

The video has been viewed more than one lakh times so far with more than 1 thousand likes. Many users have also commented on watching the video.

It can be seen in the video that when the python does not release the deer, the person tries to drive him away with the help of a tree bush. The python tried to attack the person also, but later he ran away.