A woman Lived in a man’s closet for Entire One Year!


A woman Lived in a closet for One full Year

A Japanese homeless woman lived and survived in a rich man’s closet for approximate one entire year. What’s more shocking was that the man got to know about this only at the end of one year, when he became suspicious on account of his food going missing on regular occasions.

The owner was puzzled when food went missing many times regularly from his kitchen and so he decided to install security cameras in his home which would send the images to his mobile.

After a cameras captured a movement inside his home, he called police suspecting it to be a burglar. When the police arrived and began the search they found, her nervously curled up on her side, inside the closet.

She told that she sneaked quietly  into the house a year ago finding it to be unlocked after the owner had left.
source: nbcnews.com

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