Why Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed his life?


If you ask a spiritual master why Lord Jesus gave up his life, they will tell you- for others, for us, for humanity… But the main question today is what are we giving him for that sacrifice?


Most of us are committing evil activities. Most of the human society either ignores that fact or is simply not God conscious. People these days don’t care to listen to their spiritual master’s advice.

When asked from a devotee to Prabhupada about Jesus being in the parampara

Prabhupada said Yes, Lord Jesus is a big part of parampara but regrettably nobody cares to follow Him.

Also, Lord Jesus always said, “Thou shall not take other’s life.”
And he himself suffered for all of us. Most of us also think that Jesus would pardon us and take our sinful reactions, being a spiritual master!

There are a lot of things that humans have to think about before taking any wrong step- “For my negative actions, my holy master will have to suffer. In order to save him from such sufferings, we should not do even a single sinful deed.

This forms the prime responsibility of every single follower around the world.

Credits: iskcontimes