Do you know These People Eat Amazing Snacks with Tea?

Tea is one of the most liked beverages in Asia. The day of many people begins with tea and drinking tea 2-3 times a day is common. Today we are going to tell you about such countries where people like to eat insects rather than biscuits in snacks. Let’s know about these countries.


There is a spider market in Cambodia where people come to buy spiders and they are eaten with great fervor. People here spend hours every day in search of tarantula spiders in dense forests. Many types of medicines are also made from this spider. Tarantula spider is the most famous breakfast of the people of Cambodia.

South Korea

People of South Korea eat silkworm with great fervor at breakfast. Silkworms are eaten by frying them with teaspoons.


In China, people eat goats, chickens, donkeys and other animals in the meat, as well as bats and snakes, are eaten here. Apart from this, a special scorpion dessert is made in China. The sting is removed before killing the scorpion and then fried.


Ladybug larvae are highly eaten in the Netherlands and are also developed for consumption by humans. They are also added to different types of fast food such as burgers, chow mien, etc.


Bread made from beetles is quite popular in Finland. For this, the prawns are dried and ground and mixed with bread flour to make bread.