Nature has Taken Over as Humans Remain Under Lockdown

While the humans remain under lockdown, nature is reclaiming what it rightfully owns. The pollution levels are at a lowest in decades and animals are having a free run, and they seem to love every bit of it.


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There have been many viral pictures on the internet showing animals around the world wandering care free and taking a liking to the good that nature has to offer.

A video clip showing two young leopards playing by the roadside has gone viral.

Person shared the clip to Twitter:

In the clip, it can be seen the leopards, who seem young, are jumping with joy and playfully going on with their activity, in the night, while a few people record them.

The lockdown has enabled many rare species of fauna to come out and surprise many around the world. Deer were seen walking around in a town in Poland. Wild turkeys dominated a playground in California, Olive Ridley turtles came ashore on a beach in Odisha (India).

With the humans busy isolating and quarantining themselves, the animals appear to have gotten a free reign – albeit temporarily – on the otherwise busy roads of bustling cities and metropolitan areas.