Video: A Courageous Frog Saved its Life from Leopard Attack

Wildlife videos are well liked on social media. Videos of the victim are seen on social media and are also viral. It is said that when the leopard attacks, the biggest animal runs away to save its life. But something happened which surprised everyone. There was a fight seen in the jungle between leopards and frogs. You will think that the leopard has easily hunted the frog. The frog showed courage and managed to save his life from the leopard. This video has been posted on Twitter by an officer of Indian Forest Service.

It can be seen in the video that the frog in the forest sits under a tree. The leopard approaches him and starts to hit him. The frog opens its big mouth. The leopard still does not retreat. The frog bounces into the air and tries to kill it. Subsequently the leopard retreats and escapes to the other side.