Amazing: Fight between a Man and Bear in Water

There was uproar in a zoo in Poland when an alcoholic not only jumped into the bear’s cage, but also tried to kill it by dipping it in the water. However, the bear did not come under his control and the drunken person was badly injured. Many people present in the zoo captured this entire incident on camera, which has since been shared on social media.

A drunken 23-year-old man jumped into a bear cage at a zoo in Warsaw. This man not only jumped but later went into the water to avoid him and when the bear followed him in the water, he tried unsuccessfully to drown him. However, the bear was very powerful and badly injured this man. Rescuers later took the man out of the bear cage. There has been a lot of injury to the head and hands of this person.

Watch the video:

The entire incident has become quite viral on social media. People are demanding strict punishment for the man who entered the cage. Bear in whose cage was sprung is still a child, due to which this person’s life was saved. According to experts, if this person did such an act with an adult bear, then it was impossible to avoid it. The bear is being named Sabina, who has been rescued from a circus. The zoo administration said that Sabina is also very nervous about this attack.