Video: Two Crocodiles Clashed With Each Other Outside the House

Two alligators were found fighting outside a Florida woman’s house. This video is becoming quite viral on social media. Susan Geschel was making coffee when she heard a loud sound at her front door. She went out to and screamed on looking two crocodiles were fighting one by one on the porch.

Geschel can be heard in the video saying “They are fighting … oh my god they’re fighting.” They recorded and shared on Facebook. Also, he said, ‘Climbing on top of one and fighting.’

According to Geschel, one crocodile had pressed the other around with its jaw and stuck it towards the wall. This scene was recorded by the woman on her mobile and shared on Facebook.

He shared this video on last Tuesday, which has had more than 47 thousand views so far. Also, more than 400 shares and many reactions have come.

Geschel said, “I have been living in this area for 15 years. But this was the first time I have seen crocodiles outside my house. “He reported seeing the Florida Wildlife Department, but two crocodiles soon left the place. He told that the fight went on for 20 minutes. Then a crocodile crossed the road and left.