The Body Part You Wash First While Taking Bath Reveals Your Personality

Everything we do, whether consciously or sub-consciously says something about us. Every decision we make acts as a piece of the puzzle which finally shapes our personality.

Did you know that you sub-consciously prioritize your body parts when you go to shower? The body part that you wash first–in the whole process of bathing– tells the amount of importance you place on that specific body part. This order reveals something interesting about your personality.


If you wash your face first, then you are highly focused on image and status. You place an incredibly high level of importance on first impressions and struggle to look past them and give a person a second chance. You are often seen as selfish and self-absorbed, forgetting about the wants, needs and desires of the others in your life. You view your friends as pawns in your game, here to be used as required and often disposable. Try not to become too wrapped up in your own world. Reach out to the people in your life from time to time, it will go far.


If the first things that you wash in the shower are your ears than you are an incredible listener. You possess an open mind, always seeking new ideas and knowledge. Your love of knowledge and information can sometimes lead you to feel superior. Try not to become so wrapped up in your own feelings of self-worth that you forget about the people who helped you to accomplish your goals in life.


If you start you shower off with washing your hair, then you are incredibly creative and artistic. You are a dreamer among dreamers, setting your sights on some of the biggest goals and dreams that most people could ever imagine. However, you are also blessed with a tenacity and dedication that will allow you to put the time and effort into achieving everything that you set your heart on. You are picky about who you will spend your time with, surrounding yourself only with artists and intellects.


Those who wash their chest first are highly logical and practical in life. You know what you want in life, and there is nothing that is going to sidetrack you in your journey to accomplish your goals and dreams. You demand to be respected and heard, and you become highly irritable if someone interrupts you. You are rather blunt which some may view as rude or attacking. Be careful that you don’t come across too harsh or uncaring.


Those who wash their shoulders first are the natural underdogs. You feel as though you are wearing the weight of the world on your shoulders, which may not be entirely untrue. You may be facing something significantly challenging in life such as a drinking problem, an addiction to gambling, a recent job loss or large financial struggles. While you may find it difficult not to become obsessed with your struggles, try to remember all the good things in your life.


You are incredibly down to earth and hard-working. You have an idea of the type of life you would like to live, and you aren’t afraid of the work that is required to earn it. While you are quite popular and well liked you often prioritize your work and career over your relationships, which creates a distance between you and the people around you. Try not to cross the line into ‘workaholic’ and carve out time in your schedule for ‘down time’ with your friends.


While it may sound sexual if you wash your privates first, in reality, you are probably a very reserved and shy person. You might also be a pushover, who has a hard time taking his/her own stand. You are genuinely caring but it takes a long time to scratch beneath your guarded surface.


If you start bathing by washing your arms and legs first, it could signify that you are very modest person. People may also think that you are humble and polite. You are secure and not afraid to voice your opinions.


Your back reflects your consciousness. If you wash your back first, it shows that you are a very careful person, who doesn’t blindly trust people. You might be an introvert person who prefers spending time alone over socialising with other people.


Those who wash their genitals first are often quiet, shy and introverted. You grew up with a strict set of rules at home and you have carried these rules into your adult life. This resulted in a solid set of morals and values that you aren’t willing to compromise for anyone. You keep a tight, close-knit group of friends, valuing quality over quantity. If someone is able to earn their way into your inner circle, then you would do anything to protect them.


If you wash your hands first, it signifies mental strength. You stand for what you feel is right, without worrying about the outcome. You are not a diplomatic person and with you, what-you-see-is-what-you-get stands true. You don’t fear the uncertain and believe in unity.

Other Parts

If you focus on any other part of your body first when you hop in the shower than you are an average joe. You don’t feel the need to stand out in a crowd, content to take that role backstage and allow someone else to hog the spotlight. You may find that others underestimate you, but you don’t allow it to tear you down. Instead, you take it as a challenge, always succeeding in the end.