Best Remedy For Sinus

Natural and best Sinus Cure

One of the most common health issue is sinus, and medicines take lot of time with lot of side-effects. But who needs them when you can cure your sinus using natural remedies. Natural remedies which are very effective and healthy also for your body.

Sinus inflammation, stuffy nose, headache and wheezing is one of the most common issue people face, especially during winters.
It is often that even after trying with many things people don’t get relieved of it, but wait, here is the best of them all for sinus infection, and it is totally natural. This mixture will help you and it don’t need much time.

Ingredients which you need:
• 1 cupful of lemon juice
• 1 cupful of honey
• A small purple onion
• About 6 Radishes, and
• About 6 garlic cloves

How to prepare:
Wash the vegetables properly, peel the garlic and onion and then make a smooth mixture of them using a blender. Mix all the remaining ingredients with this stir properly. You can place this mixture in any jar and then keep it in a cool place like refrigerator.

How to use it:
For adults, a regular dosage of about 2 tablespoon of this mixture per day is recommended, and for children One per day. More quantity can be taken in necessary (this don’t have any side effect).
Adults should take about 2 tablespoons per day, or more if necessary. The recommended maximum dose for children is 1 tablespoon per day. You will feel the difference within 24 hours.
So next time you suffer, you must try this before going to the doctor, you might get cured with all natural way.
We all do to doctor and take medicines with so many side effects,
Don’t you think it is worth to try this?