Help Hydrate bees by making a simple and easy bee waterer

bee waterer; Help Hydrate bees by making a simple and easy bee waterer

It have always been said that water is life, we all need it. But seldom do we think of other creatures, which is just not the right thing. Just imagine the hard work which bee does to assist our food supply by carrying pollen. Each bee visit more than 2000 flowers a day, their wings beat more than 10,000 times in a minute. If bee population will vanish then humans will die within 50 years, and bee population is on the decline and is facing a major threat.

They regularly do so severe work and like humans they also get thirsty, and thus need water sources. But the problem is that water is not easily available to them.

Bees require shallow water, but shallow water evaporates very quickly. Bees need very shallow water to drink from. However, shallow water evaporates quickly. Water available in Birdbaths is fatal for bees because if it is not shallow enough then bees often gets drown in it. The only option then available to them is lakes and river, where bees have to risk their life in the presence of frogs, fishes, other wildlife and also the risk of being swept away due water current.

What you can do or bees is really simple yet is great for them. Making a water feeder or bee waterer for bees is as easy as filling a pie pan with marbles and water, and it’s done. The marbles in bee waterer will give the bees a place to land and drink water, and thus they will not get drown while drinking. If you don’t have marbles then you can also use stones in your bee waterer.

Another great way for bee waterer is to use a mosquito net that floats on the water and goes down with the water level. No Bee can draw when sitting on top of such an bee waterer water feeder. I have done it at my home, and it looks very beautiful and unique.