New Facebook Technology Allows Them to Watch You Through Your Smartphone…

Facebook’s newest innovation? Guaranteed to having you anxiously hitting the dislike button.


The patent, titled “Augmenting text messages with emotion information” and just filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, would allow Facebook to “read a person’s emotions” based on how they use their phone.

In addition to monitoring the pressure and speed with which keys are inputted, it would also allow Facebook to watch users through the smartphone camera or a webcam.
The patent states that because “current content delivery systems typically do not utilize passive imaging information…a need exists for a content delivery solution that takes advantage of available passive imaging data to provide content to a user with improved relevancy.”
Another patent proposal based on facial recognition and published last month focuses on the generation of emojis based on the facial expression of the user. For example the user can take a selfie and the system would produce an emoji expressing the same emotion.
This isn’t the first time Facebook has filed a creepy patent; in 2014, the tech giant filed a patent to get around users who choose not to share their relationship status on their profile.
It proposed inferring someone’s relationship status based on their interactions with other users on the social networking site who have provided their personal information.

The inferred relationship status could then be used by advertisers to target the user with posts, the patent states.

How does your privacy feel?