8 Absolutely Bizarre Things You Need to Know About China

China may have been the populous country in the world but it also holds its place in the top five tourist spots. Apart from its technological inventions, there’s a lot more about China that you need to know.

Visit wisely

Before you enter into this country, do a good research and know about the holidays of China as this is the time when almost everyone settled there plan their trips. This is because they usually don’t get official state-sanctioned holidays and when they do, you better don’t step in here.

Choose dates accordingly…

Check your dates twice to avoid the hassle you might face during the national holidays. But mind you, 4 out of 6 dates don’t fall on the same day every year. So check briefly or else all you can see is the ocean of heads rushing to reach their destination.

The Transport

The public transport in China is sure to amaze you. Simply board a bus to reach any of your destination but make sure you have the exact amount of change. In spite of all such facilities, you might face a problem with the buses as the bus services and subways quite frequently put a halt early at night.

Not A Single Penny

If you wish to dine out in any fine-dine restaurant, keep this in mind that the people here do not accept a tip. No matter how great the services are, you just cannot pay even a single penny more.

 Be My Guest..

While you’re in China if any Chinese people offers you for a meal, it’s most likely that they’ll pay for your meal and vice-versa. Also, the people here have a fixed time for their meals so book your seats beforehand if you’re out during these set schedules. 

A Setback!

The major drawback you might face while visiting China is the language. To find a person speaking English or any other language other that Chinese is a real challenge. And wait, if you thought you can learn the language, it won’t be of any help until you perfect the accent. The best option would be, download an app to translate your words into theirs.

No Google Services

If you’re an Android lover, things are going to be real tough as there are no  YouTube and Facebook services. So either prepare VPN right away or get ready to be socially handicapped.


Above all, what makes China, even more, prettier is the kindheartedness and humbleness of the people here. They are always ready to help you out in every possible way. But this can be troublesome as well. Like, if you lost your way and ask a local man for help, no matter how well he knows the directions or doesn’t know at all, he’ll guide you as they don’t want to disappoint their guest in any way.

Source : fewunknownfacts.com