3 Life Changing Advice To Yudhisthir About Women By Bhishma Just Before Dying

1 About a Women’s Place

In Vedic times men and women were equal in terms of education and religion. Women held a sacred place and they were deeply revered. The reason why the entire clan of Ravana got wiped out was because he abducted Sita and same fate followed for Kauravas for humiliating Draupadi in public.


2 Bhishma’s Secret

Whilst on his literal death bed of arrows, he shared three very important secrets about women with Yudhisthir which were life changing advice coming from the end of a wise man finally going back to his abode. In fact, his own life ended at the hands of a woman named Shikhandi. You will be surprised at his advice.


3 Their Curse Can Manifest

A dying Bhishma surrounded by seven rishis, Krishna, Yudhisthira, Pandavas and Duryodhana, told his audience – A woman is like a gentle breeze. She is caring and through her life makes sacrifices silently. However, it is to one’s own benefit to never take her for granted, for when emotionally hurt she can curse you to the fiery pit of hades and most often than not, their curse manifests. A family’s financial luck is directly related to a woman.


4 Disrespecting a Woman Will Be Your End

A home where a woman is disrespected can never be happy or flourish. A home where there is no respect for a woman, bad luck strikes them often and family members suffer a bad fate. In contrast, a home where a woman is respected flourish with health, love, wealth and happiness as lady luck shines bright on such families.


5 Effective Way to Utilize Lady Luck

According to Bhishma Pitamah, a home where a woman’s needs are not tended to on priority like your own. Or there exists chauvinistic thought process – there can never be abundance. However, where a woman is treated like an equal, her needs treated like your own and there are love and respect for, there should be no fear for Lady Luck will smile on such families. Such a family will have the blessings of Goddess Laxmi too.


6 Nobody Survives Disrespecting a Woman

Whether it be the mighty King of Lanka, Ravana or the entire force of 100 Kauru Putras, they couldn’t survive disrespecting a woman. Ravana abducted Lady Sita, whatever said and done he was the most learned man of his time, however it does not entail being courteous. Similarly, Kauravas humiliated their own Sister-in-law on a public forum. Today, there is no descendant from Ravana or Kauravas to continue the family name.


7 A Woman Was Responsible for the Epic Mahabharata

You read that right, Draupadi in her own right was responsible for the tyrannical war, Mahabharata. She had vowed to not tie her hair until her humiliation was avenged. Her 5 husbands, the Pandavas vowed along with her to take revenge and after 13 years of exile and one additional year of ‘agyatvas’ the war was waged against the Kauravas.


8 The Righteous Came Out Victorious

The war was destructive, to say the least, many were left mourning deaths of their family members. The loss of life and wealth was such, it felt there was no coming back. The Kauravas lost everything in this war. Bhishma pitamah met his fate too. Draupadi’s vow was fulfilled, however, at a painful cost. Righteous eventually came out victorious.


9 Women Ahead of Their Time: Ganga

King Shantanu fell in love with goddess Ganga, she was the first wife of Shantanu. However, before accepting his proposal she had three conditions – Shantanu will never ask where did she come from. He should never question her actions whether good or bad and he should stand by her come what may. In case any of her conditions were breached, she will leave him forever.


10 Women Ahead of Their Time: Hidimba

Hidimba was a Rakshasi and sister to Demon Hidimb. She fell in love with Bhima and wanted to marry him, however, Bhima wanted to combat Hidimb and kill him. Hidimba tricked his own brother for Bhima. In the age where women were self-sacrificing, Hidimba was a true example of a woman standing up for her want and right. Hidimba proved there was nothing wrong in wanting things for self.


11 Women Ahead of Their Time: Draupadi

Draupadi or Panchali was an exemplary woman of her time. She defied the norms of the society and dared to question Dushhasan who was stripping her off of her ‘dhoti’. She dared to question men in a patriarchal society and rather than accepting her fate of being a common wife to five, succumbing to ritualistic wifely duties, she befriended her husbands and became their strongest ally and advisor.


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