A convicted child rapist, who also blackmailed children into making child porn, has been given a manager’s job at a McDonald’s restaurant, just days after being released from prison.


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Parents were outraged when they realized the child molester was able to serve food to youngsters in Despicable Me 3 movie-branded boxes completely unsupervised.

Oliver Horwood was jailed for 16 months for sexually abusing children and making indecent images of kids.

According to members of Horwood’s family, McDonald’s were “fully aware” of his criminal history and even “begged him” to work for them.

Sun reports: Among those served by Horwood, who was wearing a gray uniform with the name tag Oli and a crew leader badge, was a girl aged under ten.

The pervert got an early release from a 16-month sentence only days ago.

When confronted by The Sun, Horwood initially said: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, mate.”

He eventually admitted: “I went to prison, yes. What does it matter?”

Horwood insisted McDonald’s “know everything.”

A member of Horwood’s family later even claimed the busy store in Gravesend, Kent, had begged him to join staff because “he’s a good worker”.

But McDonald’s was last night investigating how Horwood got a manager’s job.

It said: “We are taking this extremely seriously and are investigating as a matter of urgency.”

The Sun was tipped off about Horwood serving children in McDonald’s after a member of the public contacted pervert tracking website UK Database.

A source said:

“As a family friendly restaurant McDonald’s should hang its head in shame. “As a family friendly restaurant, McDonald’s should hang its head in shame.

“Families queuing for food would never imagine the company would use the staff on the sex offenders register.”

Horwood was put on the register for ten years, admitted at trial inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and making indecent images of kids.

Maidstone crown court was told he tricked girls into sending him explicit images.

He also used a fake identity for sordid online chats with ten victims, who were aged between 13 and 15.

Horwood threatened to expose two of his girl victims on the internet if they did not cooperate.

Trial Judge Charles Macdonald QC sentenced Horwood, from Dartford to a stretch in a young offenders’ institution for what he described as “extremely unpleasant activity.”

Detective Constable Mark Bennett said after the trial:

“Horwood aggressively bullied and manipulated a child online to fulfill his desires.”

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