24 Facts about Left-Handed People That You Did Not Know. #7 Really Surprised Me

Many old wives tales suggest that people that are left-handed are a gift from the universe to the rest of the population.

Although the reason behind this peculiar phenomenon is unknown, new research goes to show that there might be a certain connection between the human genes and the environment and surroundings around us.

Also, it has been stated that most left-handed people actually come from a family that already have a ‘lefty.’

Researchers managed to find out that the brain also doesn’t function the same with right-handed and left-handed people. As a result, left handed people are somewhat more independent due to the need to cope with the right-handed world.

Here are 24 facts and trivia about left-handed people you might have not known until now:

— The origin of the word ‘left’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon era and it is based on the word ‘lyft’, meaning broken or weak

— Left-handed people tend to use the right part of their brain

— 5 to 10% of the world population is left-handed

— Left-handed people can be excellent at various sports, including tennis, swimming, boxing, baseball, and others

— Left-handed people have the ability to see clearly underwater, even more so than right-handed people

— Over 40% of the most well-established tennis players are left-handed

— Left-handed people are late bloomers, meaning they reach their puberty 5 months after ‘righties’ do

— According to studies, left-handed college graduates could make a fortune that is 26% bigger than the one right-handed people make

— Alcohol and ‘lefties’ are tightly connected, since they have a 3% higher risk of being addicted to it

— In America, 4 out of 7 states are left-handed

— Animals can be as well be left-handed, or left-pawed to be exact

— Some of the longest words you can write using your left hand are tesserae decades, sweater, and dresses

— Left-handed individuals experience emotions in a different way than right-handed people, due to their ability to process information faster

— Also, math runs in the left-handed people’s genes, and the same is true for architecture and spatial awareness

— August 13th is International Left-Handers Day

— Left-handedness was linked to rebellion in the past, as well as neurosis, homosexuality, the devil, and criminality. On the flipside, it has also been linked to creativity and musicality

— Insomnia is more common for left-handed people than ‘righties’

— At the moment, there are over 30 million left-handed people in the U.S. alone

— Statistics say that women who give birth in their 40s have a 128% higher chance of giving birth to a left-handed child when compared with women who give birth in their 20s

Some of the most vicious killers in human history were left-handed. For example, the Boston Stranglers, Osama bin Laden, and Jack the Ripper

According to medical experts, if left-handed people injure their dominant hand, they can learn to use the other one quicker than if the same happens to a right-handed person

Left-handed people are more prone to asthma and allergies than right-handed individuals

Left-handedness definitely runs in the family. For example, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mother, and Prince Charles are/were left-handed

Out of four, one Apollo astronaut was left-handed.