Day: October 30, 2019

Air Pollution Reduces the Intelligence Significantly


Poisonous air estimated to cause premature deaths of 7 million people a year worldwide. Breathing in polluted air can reduce your intelligence as well as knocking years off your life. New research shows that air pollution causes a ‘huge’ reduction in brain power, the equivalent of losing a year in education. If air pollution reaches a certain level, localities may release warnings, advising […]

Are You Dating an Emotional Psychopath?


Are you in a relationship with an emotional psychopath? This person, this emotional psychopath, is constantly accusing you of everything, criticizing and humiliating you and constantly questioning your own reason. If you are only crying and apologizing, even though you have not done anything, the situation will only be more difficult. In the end, the question arises […]

These Things You Should Not do After a Breakup


There’s nothing like watching someone finally realize that a horrible breakup can be the best thing that ever happened to them. It can take a few weeks, a few months or even a year to get to that point. But no matter how long it takes, the moment always feels just as good. How do all […]