Day: October 28, 2018

Items Snatched From Jews By Nazis Discovered In Poland

epa05351329 Personal items belonging to the victims of the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau are presented at the press conference at the Auschwitz Museum in Oswiecim, Poland, 08 June 2016. More than 16 thousand personal items returned to the Memorial after many months of searching. The itmes were found during an archaeological works carried out in the area of gas chamber and crematorium III in 1967. The artefacts, stored in 48 cardboard boxes, were found by Auschwitz Museum staff in a building belonging to the Polish Academy of Sciences and transferred to the museum. They include thermometers, medication phials, perfume flasks, shoes, jewellery, watches, brushes, pipes, lighters, crockery, buttons and keys. Now the unique collection will be documented and prepared for conservation works. PAP/ANDRZEJ GRYGIEL POLAND OUT  EPA/ANDRZEJ GRYGIELSTF POLAND OUT

Personal items of victims of Nazi death camp Auschwitz found Initially discovered by archaeologists in Auschwitz ruins in 1967 Boxed up at Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw for 50 years The 16,000 long-lost objects include letters, jewellery and watches Thousands of personal items belonging to Jews murdered by the Nazis in Auschwitz have been […]