Why Older Men Marry Younger Women?

While the concept of older men dating younger women is certainly nothing new, it is a phenomenon that often intrigues us. We often see it as a fantasy, something from the movies or reserved for celebrities, but experts say it is far more common than we realize! What is it that motivates a man to seek a much younger partner?

Intrigued by the dynamics of dating in today’s society, the online dating site Zoosk analyzed the data of over 40 million members, seeking to find patterns of behavior. What they discovered was fascinating – approximately 60% of men showed that they were attracted to women that were at least 1 year younger, while 22% of men were attractive to women that were more than 10 years younger.

What Is It About Younger Women That Attract The Attention Of Older Men? Here Are 14 Eye-Opening Explanations:

1. Control

A common dynamic that occurs between older men and younger women is that of dominance. Older men have more experience, establishing themselves in life, and, for this reason, they often take the role of being in control in the relationship. The ‘thrill of the chase’ and the chance to dominate younger women is often what they are actually seeking more than anything serious.

2. Not Thinking Long-Term

There is an accepted stereotype in relation to what women are looking for at various ages. Younger women are often portrayed as being flirtatious and wild, interested in nothing more than a casual fling, while older and established women are looking to settle down and build a life. When older men look to younger women for a relationship, they are often looking for the fun and excitement of a fling, but nothing more.

3. Reduced Chance of Rejection

Statistically, it has been found that young women often look up to and respect older men, due to the fact that they are seen as established, mature and stable. For this reason, they are less likely to reject one of these men when they make their move. As many men fear rejection, this makes a younger woman a safer choice.

4. Fantasy

If you look to the world of fantasy, or even the world of porn, you will see that the older man/younger woman dynamic is a pretty common theme. Take, for example, the teacher/student fantasies, or those that revolve around the young babysitter. Dating a younger woman is a man’s opportunity to make these fantasies a reality.

5. Energy and Charm

There is something about the youthful energy that a young woman brings into the relationship that older men find completely irresistible. Depending on the age gap, with this energy also comes the youthful vitality of a body that can keep up with a busier lifestyle, not yet touched by the aches and pains that come with age.

6. Satisfied with Less

As women age and establish their own lives, they learn how much they are worth. With this, expectations rise. However, younger women are often satisfied with much less in life. This, ultimately, means that they can meet their partner’s expectations far easier.

7. Sense of Adventure

Older men often find that they are in a rut in their lives, focused on their careers and adult responsibilities, but missing out on the fun in life. Dating a younger woman helps them to reintroduce fun and adventure into their usual routine.

8. Society’s Standard of Beauty

The standard that we subscribe to in terms of what is considered to be beautiful changes and evolves with time. That which we consider to be beautiful today may differ greatly from 5 or 10 years from now. However, in today’s society, the image of beauty is one of youth, with a perfectly fit body and no visible flaws. Men may not even realize this is influencing which women catch their attention.

9. Minimum Effort

At this stage in their lives, women are often exploring their future careers, embracing the excitement of life, making friendships, and, generally, keeping themselves busy. This works well for men that are looking for a relationship with minimal effort, as their partner is simply too busy to want anything more.

10. Not Yet Jaded

Men that still long to enjoy the magic of romance often find that they stand a better chance of finding this with a younger woman, as they are not yet jaded when it comes to love. They haven’t had their heart broken as often and are still discovering the truth behind the fairy tales.

11. Mid-Life Crisis

While this may sound like stereotyping, for some the need to reach out to a younger woman is nothing more than a need to satisfy their mid-life crisis. When a younger woman returns their attention, they feel a sense of validation. It feeds into their need to reconnect with their youth once again.

12. Open to Experimentation

If a man is at a stage in his life where he’s interested in experimenting and trying something new, he will often look to a younger woman. While it’s obviously not guaranteed in every situation, statistically younger women are more likely to be open to help them fulfill their darkest fantasies, embracing the ‘freaky’ or ‘wild’ depths of their mind.

13. Forbidden Fruit

It’s not that it’s ‘forbidden’ per say, but often these partnerships with significant age differences are frowned upon in our society. In some cases, the very idea of defying society’s expectations is enough to make the relationship appear exciting, and, therefore, appealing.

14. Social Image

While dating a much younger woman may be frowned upon by society, among ‘the guys’ it is often seen as something worth bragging about, a moment of victory. It feeds their ego.