Whenever two human beings start developing pure and genuine feelings for each other, without any expectation, ulterior motive or pressure, something wonderful happens.


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They fall in love with who they really are.

There are no conditions, no expectations about how the relationship has to look, no inhibitions, no adjustments.

There’s only acceptance and respect.

And as time goes by, the love that connects these beautiful souls helps them develop into the best versions of themselves.

Do you know why?

Because true love is more powerful than everything else you can imagine.

True love doesn’t see flaws, it sees strengths. True love doesn’t see disagreements, it sees compromises. True love doesn’t see obstacles, it sees challenges.

Where everyone else sees imperfection, true love sees a potential.

People who genuinely love each other never set any conditions. They respect each other. They accept each other’s flaws, different opinions, fear, and traits. They look out for each other and stick together through thick and thin.

We’ve all heard about people who wasted their lives on partners who weren’t good enough for them. People who desperately tried to change their partners and mold them in the person they desperately wanted to be with. People who had a certain idea of how their ideal partner should look like, but ended up with someone was nowhere near close to their goal.

Let’s face it. It doesn’t work like that.

If you have an irresistible urge to change the person you’re with, you’re not in love with them. You are not amazed by their true colors. You are in love with who you want them to be.

Love is about mutual acceptance. It is about unconditional trust. It’s about motivation and inspiration to move forward. It’s about constant, unreserved support. It’s about believing in the person beside you and wishing them all the best.

Love is about sacrificing your selfish wants for the benefit of the person you love. It’s going with the flow. It’s compromising whenever things get tough. It’s accepting their different ideas and appreciating their peculiar traits.

It’s not about changing the things that you don’t find appealing in your partner.

It’s exactly the opposite. It’s loving and cherishing those parts more than anything in the world.

You may not understand what am I talking about, but that is fine. That only means that maybe you haven’t experienced the magic of true love yet.

Because when you fall in love deeply, passionately and fiercely, believe me, you’ll know it.

You’ll know it because there won’t be anything about them that you would change.

You’ll love them for exactly who they are.

Source : https://thepowerofsilence.co