The way you cross your arms reveals a lot about your personality

The way you fold your arms reveals a lot about who you are as a person, and the impact it has on your relationship

Scientists believe that the part of our brain that dominates our thought processes can be determined by studying body language, and there have been many studies seeking to establish that relationship. It is believed that the way you cross your arms can also reveal what your personality is like and that people can be divided into one of three categories.

Look at the image below and see which type you are.


1. Your Right Hand Out

If you like to fold your arms with your right hand resting on top of your left arm, then you’re an intuitive person who is deeply in tune with your feelings and are keenly aware of the subtle shifts in mood in your environment. You can guess what people are thinking or feeling before they even open up to you.

You’re an incredibly creative person who thinks out of the box, and your default mode of decision making is to go with your gut. You only deeply examine an issue when the stakes are too high. However, your unique approach allows you to spot things that most other people would have missed.

You’re an extremely empathetic lover, and your partners benefit from you always being in tune with their emotions and ensuring that their emotional needs are met. You exude a sense of warmth and are very affectionate, which is what draws people to you.

2. Your Left Hand Out

If you like to fold your arms with your left hand resting on top of your right arm, then you’re a pragmatic person who likes to look at things logically, not letting your feelings color your judgment. You like to carefully analyze problems before you make a decision.

You’re known among your friends for your intelligence and quick wit, and you can make a room burst into laughter with your sarcastic one-liners. You’re incredibly sharp and can see through lies instantly, making it hard for people to deceive you or cheat you.

Your suave approach to courting makes people fall head-over-heels in love with you because of your smooth pick-up lines and cool personality make you quite the catch. Your partners connect with you on an intellectual level, and you enjoy the deep conversations you can have with them.

3. Both Hands Out

If you like to fold your arms with both hands resting on opposite arms, then you’re self-confident and self-assured and have a strong sense of direction in your life. You are sure of yourself and your decisions, and you have an aura of authority that inspires people to turn to you for guidance.

You’re a natural leader and are able to take into consideration people’s feelings and differing opinions and arrive at solutions that benefit everyone. You’re also incredibly likable because of your frank, honest demeanor, and you speak the truth with kindness, making people respect you.

In relationships, you take the initiative, often doing thoughtful gestures for your partners like cooking them their favorite meal or buying them their favorite flowers. You work hard to ensure that you stay connected and often have long-lasting and fulfilling relationships.

There is a fourth type that isn’t as common as these three, however, and that involves people who hide their hands when they fold their arms. They tend to be introverted and prefer quieter places to parties. They thrive in small groups and are often deeply concerned about the welfare of others, going to great lengths to take care of those in need.

You may sometimes switch styles of folding your arms depending on your mood or the situation, and you may adopt different postures that reflect a blend of personality types. Find out how your friends and family members cross their arms and get to know them a little better.