Day: 21

Sea Cucumber Kills Cancer Cells With Amazing Efficiency

Sea cucumber can be beneficial in the battle against cancer by killing cancer cells and stimulating the immune system. What is a sea cucumber? Consider the lowly sea cucumber. No it is not a vegetable although its name may suggest otherwise. It is a marine creature that lives all over the world on the ocean’s

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If You Knew What We Do, You Will Never Sleep Again : NASA Director

The UFO buffs are thrilled to hear the latest statement from Paul Hertz, the Director of the Astrophysics Division of the NASA, who shared a startling information at IMGUR regarding aliens. He said that we will not be the ones to discover aliens but they will discover us and when this finally happens it won’t

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Snake Bites Man, He Bites Back Snake

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and maybe for a farmer, it is best served biting off a snake’s head and chewing it before spitting it out. A farmer identified as Sonelal hailing from UP’s Hardoi (India), to seek revenge, bit off a snake’s head and chomped it because the momentary lapse of reason

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