If You Truly Love Someone, You Won’t Cheat On Them

Modern society for some reason tends to push the idea that it is okay to cheat on your significant other but it is not okay. If you cheat on your partner, you don’t really love them whether you think you do or not.

Being cheated on never feels good and always makes you feel as if you weren’t good enough. It is not a fun thing to go through and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemies. Finding out someone is or has cheated on you is like losing a piece of yourself. It is a feeling that drops down into your gut and makes you wish the world would stop spinning.

When someone cheats on you it is not because you aren’t good enough and you need to be aware of that. It is because they aren’t good enough. It IS because they aren’t ready to commit and they do not deserve you. It is because they DO NOT love you. Someone who truly loved you would never even think about doing something like that to you.

Cheating is something we all have control over, it is not something that just happens. You have to think about it, find someone to do it with, and actually do it. It entails lots of planning and sneaking around. It is not a mere one time mistake. If someone cheats once, they will cheat again.

If you cheat on someone you don’t want a relationship with them. You don’t value them and you don’t really want to continue things so why do you? Why do you stay with someone all the while cheating on them behind their backs? What makes that sound appealing at all? Shattering someone’s heart somehow sounds like a good idea to you?

If you wanted a relationship with this person you wouldn’t be cheating so why won’t you set this person free? I cannot wrap my head around how fucked up some people truly are. Cutting ties is a whole lot less painful than letting someone give you their all only to give them nothing in return.


If you are filled with internal turmoil and chaos to the point where you believe it will drive you to cheat you should set the person you are with free beforehand. They deserve at least that much. Obviously, cheating is not about sex or even passion. It seems to have a lot to do with being unhappy within and just ‘wanting to do it.’

There is no excuse for cheating. Just because you ‘want’ someone doesn’t mean you should have them. If you are with someone you should be respectful of their emotions. When I was cheated on I felt like someone had run me over with a car and parked on my stomach only to do a burnout. It was hell, I couldn’t get out of bed and I damn sure had no idea who I was or how to trust anymore.

We could sit here all day and go back and forth on this subject but the truth is that the person who is being cheated on is not to blame. Regardless of whether they were having sex with you as often as you would like, making you happy, spending enough time with you, suffocating you with attention, or anything else of the sort. When you cheat you make a decision on your own to betray that person and YOU are the one who makes a mistake. You cannot pass the blame for that mistake off on anyone but yourself.

When you love someone you do not cheat on them. Cheaters are selfish, immature, and not worth it. Sure, you might ‘love’ your partner but you don’t love them enough if you are doing things like this. Cheating is painful and it is complete bullshit.

Relationships need trust, respect, and LOVE. If you cannot offer all three then you need to stay single. Trust is something you cannot win back so don’t mess things up in the first place.

You cannot do that to someone you truly love.