A Bone Chilling Experience In Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle is the most scary place in Europe. Even though, you may see quite a few visitors and sometimes even weddings are held there at day time, there are some disturbing vibrations at this place. Located in Northumberland, England the Chillingham castle has seen many wars, deaths, tortures and many unspeakable acts since the 12th century. You go at night time and take the ghost tour.

The Spiked Chair:


First the prisoners were led into the torture chamber. The chamber is so dark, that you can barely see anything. They would be ordered to sit on the chair, and most prisoners will sit without knowing it is a spiked chair. When they sit on the spikes, they are held in position by two guards and tied to the chair.

The Rack:


The victims hands are fastened to one end of the rack while his ankles are tied to the roller.You can see that there is a roller attached at one end of the bed. As the interrogation intensifies, the roller is slowly rotated to increase the tension. As the roller is rotated even more, it can dislocate joints and cause enormous pain. If rotated even more, it can cause breakage of bones, ligaments and cartilages accompanied by a loud, popping noise. Many tourists hear a loud popping noise in the torture chamber.

The Impalement Device:


A sharp pole with a strong wooden base can serve as the most torturous device . First the victim is stripped naked and then oil is poured into his anus or into the vagina (if the victim is a female). Then he is made to sit on the pole from the top. As time goes by, the victim slowly starts sliding down due to gravity and his own struggling movement. No doubt that many people would have died horrific deaths here!


Other torture devices in this torture chamber are a spiked roller:


Hanging cage:


Ghosts of Chillingham Castle:

The Blue Boy:

A few decades ago, one of the rooms in the Chillingham Castle (called the pink room) was being renovated. The construction workers were shocked to see a man and a boy dead inside a thick wall. The boy had broken all of his nails and finger bones trying to tear off the wall with his own hands. Sealed alive in the wall, his hands were his only tools to escape. He must have had a slow, painful death stuck inside a 10 feet thick wall. To make matters worse, the construction workers left the place immediately and the body was much more deteriorated when they returned after a few weeks.

Many visitors claim that they have seen the blue boy or an agonizing cry coming from the pink room. Many have heard a muffled sob coming from the walls of this room.

The White Pantry Ghost :

In the (then) pantry room of the castle, a very pale, weak female figure appears every now and then and begs for water. The story of this ghost is not known, however it is rumored that she had been poisoned by her cheating husband, so he could marry his lover. The ghost has been prowling around, asking for water.

A soldier was staying in this pantry room while this ghost stepped in and asked for water. He turned around to get some water, but then realized that he had locked the pantry from the inside and no one can possibly come in.
There are also other hauntings like “The Ghost in the Chamber” , “Voices in the Chapel” , etc. Another old demented ghost is also reportedly seen, acting very similar to Mad Mike of Pittsburgh.

Monk’s Walk:

This part of the ghost tour takes you out of the castle into the woods at the back side. In olden days, where monks were teased by the public, the woods was the route taken by the monks. Hence the name Monk’s Walk. However many captured people, scots and other enemies of the state were first stripped, then their legs were tied to the branches of trees like this one. They were left hanging upside down and they would die of dehydration. The monks always managed to wrap these hanging bodies with some piece of basic clothing, though they did not dare to save the victims’ lives. As times were tough back then, villagers would often send their kids to get some piece of clothing from those bodies.


This is the end of the ghost tour of Chillingham Castle.

Chillingham Wild Cattle Tour:

This is not a part of the Chillingham castle or the ghost tour. If you go to the castle by day time and if you are done seeing the castle, you can take the Chillingham Wild Cattle Tour. They are closed on Saturdays, but otherwise the guided tour is open from 10 AM to 4 PM.


These wild cattle, about 80 of them are the sole survivors of all the natural, free roaming cattle in England. These wild cattle are not seen elsewhere and what you see is the total world population.