12 Impossible Riddles That Will Make Your Mind Numb

Is this one of those days where you are confused out of your mind? Riddles, board games, and puzzles are the best way to provide that tired and redundant brain of yours to revitalize itself. In this article, we have compiled a list of the most confusing and baffling riddles ever. Let us see how far your IQ and common sense can go in order to solve these. Of course, it can be extremely frustrating but as soon as you figure the answer out, you are sure to have that Aha! the moment that we all love.

1. We All Love a Little Brain Tease. Let Us See If You Can Figure This One Out. Sarah Is Looking at Paul but John Is Looking at Sarah Who Also Happens to Be Married. However, Paul Is Not Married. Which One of These Options Is True?


Answer: Sarah is not married. There is insufficient information available to answer this question.

2. Write a Sentence by Looking at the Images Inside This Picture. Can You Do It?


Answer: Rock and Roll M+(ewe)+sick= Rock and Roll music

3. If you are a math geek, this is for you.


Answer: Did you calculate it to be 5000. Nope, it is 4100.

4. Another Math Whiz Question for You


Answer: The number of fish will remain the same, as the fish cannot leave the tank

5. How many games does each man win?


Answer: Actually, they were not playing against one another. In no way does the question imply that they were competing against each other.

6. Who Are Robert’s Brothers?


Answer: The doctors were actually girls. They are Robert’s sisters.

7. Here Is a Little Sherlock Holmes Mystery for You


Answer: The numbers written on the calendars actually represent each month on it. Therefore, June, April, September, October and November spelled as JASON.

Hence, Jason is the murderer.

8. The Age Conundrum Between a Father and Son


Answer: There are three possible answers for this one. 51 and 15. 42 and 24. 60 and 6.

9. If You Are Running a Race, What Place Will You Be In


Answer: The second place

10. Here Is a Wordy Riddle on the Wall for You to Think About. We Will Give You a Clue for This One; It Has Something to Do with the Sponge Bob Square Pants Cartoons


Answer: A sponge. It has holes all over but will also soak up all the water

11. This One Is Sure to Crack You Up. Figure out If the Woman Who Murders Her Husband by Holding Him Underwater and Finally Hangs He Is Able to Have Dinner Right After with Her Husband?


Answer: The wife is photographing a made up scenario. She is actually not a murderer but a photographer.

Were these riddles easy for you? Whatever the case you definitely need to check that how many of your friends can get them right.
We know some of them are very difficult. Share it with your friends and find out if someone can do as good as you did.