There are quite a few things we should all know.


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We should know how to cook basic meals, change a tire, and to change a fuse.

Learning things like this are essential. But it’s also important that we’re able to defend ourselves.

I know the thought of preparing for something to happen or even go wrong is scary, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

So I’ve gathered together some important self-defense tips that could help save your life!

1. Clench your hands


When you get into a fight, should you use your fists or a flat hand?

More often than not, your hand automatically clenches into a fist before a blow. This is fine, but it’s important to remember how to clench your fists correctly without hurting your fingers.

You should never expose your thumb, but you shouldn’t hide it under your fingers either. This can lead to fracturing.

2. How To Break Free


If you’ve been tied up with a cord, then it’s important to know how to get yourself out of it.

The most important thing you need to do is leave some room for air.

If your hands are being tied, keep them in clenched fists. If your body is being tied, breathe in so that your diaphragm expands. This way you’ll have more room between you and your ties, this means you have a higher chance of escape.

The chances of you being stronger than your attacker are low, so you must rely on the element of surprise.

You must remember to strike as hard and as swiftly as you possibly can.

3. Use Security Apps

It’s always a great idea to put modern methods to use.

There are many applications such as Family Locator, bSafe, and others will allow you to track the movements of your loved ones, and they’ll even allow you to send out a distress signal if necessary.

4. Code Words

Using code words is a great way to inform your loved ones of danger when you’re being watched.

If you don’t have a chance to talk or text, an encrypted SOS will tell your loved ones of your situation.

5. Use What You Have

Use any object that you have close to hang. Anything could help you against your attacker.

Your purse can be used as a shield (just don’t press it too close to your body), your scarf can even be thrown in an attacker’s face to buy you valuable time.

Umbrellas, bags, and even small change in your pocket can be of help. Even keys are a great help, just don’t waste time trying to use them as a knuckleduster.

6. Grabbed By The Hand

If you get grabbed by the hand, then it’s best to use the “rule of thumb”.

To do this all you have to do is rotate your hand toward the attacker’s thumb. It’s important to do this in a quick, sharp jerk.

If you need to then you should use your feet. Simply hit him in the groin and knees, and step on his feet with as much force as you can possibly.

7. Grabbed By The Hair

This is a common way of capturing a victim.

Not only is this technique painful, but it provides total control over the victim’s body. If you want to get out of this hold then it’s simple.

8. Grab the attacker’s hand

Grab the attacker’s hand with both of your hands, this will help you regain control.

Then it’s time to use your feet again. When you feel that the attacker’s hand has loosened its grip on your hair let go, and run as fast as you can!

9. In An Elevator

You should never go in an elevator with strangers, and you should always leave (if you can) if someone suspicious enters after you.

You should make it a habit to stand with your back to the part of the wall where the buttons are. This way you’re in control.

10. In A Car

Again, you should never get in a car with a stranger, but always make a point of telling a loved one what kind of car you’re going to be traveling in.

Information like the car’s number, color, and the destination is always handy.

If an assault still happens, aim for any vulnerable areas like the groin, nose, and eyes.

Handy Rules To Remember:

  • Be on guard. Avoid being on your phone when dealing with strangers. If you catch them trying something then they lose the element of surprise. If that happens then they may change their mind about attacking you.
  • Keep your distance. Try to avoid being cornered at all costs. Never step back, try moving to the side instead.
  • Keep your palms in front of you. This is not only a defensive position but also a way of saying, “Calm down. Let’s settle this in peace.”
  • Run. Even if you master all the tricks, your main goal is to stay safe.

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