Meaning of 10 most common dreams


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Here are the 10 most common dreams that people throughout the world have along with their secret meanings.

common dreams and their meanings
 Being Chased

It means that your subconscious mind indicates that you are avoiding something or someone which is frightening or painful to you.

Being Cheated in Dream

Being Cheated

A dream of partner cheating means that it is nothing more than a little jealousy and no one should take this dream seriously and rather spend extra time with your partner!

Being Late in Dream

Being Late

It could indicate the anxiousness about your work.

Being unable to shout in Dream

Being unable to shout

It indicates not being able to fully express something that is stopping you from achieving your goals.
Become a Celebrity

Becoming a Celebrity

These dreams result due to excessive television watching as well as use of internet. This also means that if you go to the bed with mind that is pre-occupied, these dreams are usual!

Meaning of Dying in dream


Many dream interpreters tell that dreaming about death symbolizes spiritual transformation or a new start. If you death of someone close to you in your dream, it might mean parting ways with them emotionally.

Meaning of Fallingin dream


This is a common dream indicating that things are just not going the right way.
dreams and their meanings

Losing Teeth

It indicates loss of confidence or that you are more worried about your appearance and particular body features.

Snake in Dream


It symbolizes a hidden threat which you really need to be concerned about.

Water in Dream


Dreams about water represent change, transformation, and purification of life.