10 Flight Attendant Secrets That Passengers Don’t Even Know About

There are two different perceptions, the passengers view of a plane and the flight attendants view.


Without the secrets, passengers wouldn’t know about them at all. Bright Side retrieved 10 interesting tip from flight attendants on how to receive the best comfort in all flights you take.

Don’t feel ashamed of asking for more food.
Food given to passengers onboard don’t have a long shelf life and perish quickly due to being given pre-made to the airliners. Any excess food left over is thrown out into the trash after the flight. So, if you are feeling hungry for more food, don’t feel guilty of asking for more from a flight attendant.
Check the presence of a life vest before take off. 
This is shocking, but it’s a reality: there is passengers who steal life jackets from under the seats. When it comes to your safety, examine whether there is a life vest or not under your seat before take off.
If you accidentally smoked, use the ashtrays. 
It is known that smoking on an aircraft is highly prohibited, yet there is ashtrays within toilets. People still smoke in their despite being fined. It is wise to rid of your cigarette in the toilet than on a paper towel in the trash. If you forget that you are in the bathroom with a cigarette, be courteous and use the ashtray, then pay the fine.
Try not to be squeamish during the flight.
Many airliners perform a “superficial cleanup” after a flight. Pillows and blankets are never washed, but refolded to look aesthetically pleasing. They never wash food trays, yet the seats are wiped, floors are vacuumed and you will still not be aware if or not the previous passenger had a case of the flight sickness.
Keep in mind: the lavatory door can be opened from the outside.
There is a separate key for flight attendants to use in the situation that a passenger is locked inside the bathroom. Many airliners have a locking mechanism installed in their bathroom doors, right under the “No Smoking” sign on the restroom door. Raising the flap with the cigarette picture over it and the bolt, the door will open right up.
Be the last person to board.
If you checked in for your flight at a different time than a passenger on the same flight, there is relief: Board last. When you go last, all passengers will have found a seat and aren’t all over the place. The door will be shut behind you so you won’t have to worry about other passengers behind you, leaving you the free chance to take an open seat.
Don’t drink too much alcohol.
It is warned by flight attendants that one glass of alcohol equates to two on ground. This is a valid fact as high altitudes affects the blood when your on a flight it affects you much more. You risk being overly chilled out if you are feeling anxious during your flight.
Avoid the bulkhead seats.
This is an important rule to remember: If there are babies onboard, they will mostly be placed in the bulkhead seats. This is due to it being easy to secure a baby carrier. If you like screaming babies, you know where to sit.
Drink only bottled water.
In 2002, a study from the Wall Street Journal opened eyes when there was filthy water found aboard airplanes. The amount of bacteria in samples of water from 14 airliners was disgustingly higher than whats established by the federal government. There hasn’t been any changes to this, so be advised that drinking bottled water is the way to go. Water from the sink, tea and coffee should be avoided on airplanes.
Refrain from applause at the end of the flight.
It’s actually a tradition in some countries for passengers on an airplane to deliver applause to the pilot for landing the aircraft safely. It can also be a form of expressing gratitude to the crew, or because they are happy to have arrived at home, however, some may find that gesture as an insult. The flight isn’t a game; it is their job.