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In a bizarre turn of events, Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia lost 1.350 billion Riyals (which comes around $359 million) along with five of his wives while playing poker at a casino.

According to the report, the prince, who is known around the world for his drug and gambling habits, was playing at the famous Sinai Grand Casino, where he spent six hours at the “unlimited stakes” poker table and showcased his impeccable losing abilities.

According to Ali Shamon, director of the casino, the prince pawned his wives in exchange for $25M in credit. He didn’t even look at them twice after losing them.

“This isn’t the first time that a customer bets a living creature. We often have camels and horses, but usually, the customers pay to keep them. This is the first time that a player leaves his wives after he loses.”

Although selling or pawning of women isn’t anymore practiced in the Arab, it is yet not illegal in several middle-eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia.

This incident has deeply embarrassed both the high-profile casino as well as the Egypt government and, if reports are to go by, there may be a legal probe into the matter soon.

However, the matter surrounding these pawned wives of the prince are yet unknown – whether they shall be return to Saudi or not. But, experts believe that some of the members of the Saudi royal family could back them discreetly in the coming few weeks.