Wife realizes that husband has a mistress, arranges a birthday present he’ll never forget

Wife realizes that husband has a mistress, arranges a birthday present he’ll never forget

Cheating on your partner is a very bad idea especially when your partner is darn smart. Read to know how a lady took a smart revenge when she came to know that her husband was cheating on her. You are going to love this girl for sure.


This lady had doubts on her husband that he was cheating on her. Staying up late after work, laughing and smiling while texting, also he would not return home for hours.


This lady wanted to get out of this mess with a cold revenge. She waited for several months so that she could collect shreds of evidence, a new place to live in etc. She planned that she would take her smartly planned revenge on his birthday.


She decided to plan her revenge in a very cold manner. Her husband had asked her to go out with her friends so that he could work at home as he did not want to be reminded that he was aging. She had an idea that he had plans with his girlfriend as she saw two glasses and a bottle of champagne hidden in the closet. She agreed and like a smart lady left the house on his birthday.



Meanwhile, she had called up his parents, sister and several of his friends, telling them that she wanted to give him a surprise on his birthday sneaking into his room with party streamers, kazoos and a big cake with candles. Everyone met her on time and zoomed into the house with all the party cake and stuff.


As soon as everyone entered to surprise him, everyone had their mouths open as the guy was on his bed with his naked girlfriend. Everyone was shouting at him and his friends were trying to get everyone out. The lady had a smart and an amazing way to get that load of crap thrown out of her life. More power to you girl! This was the most amazing revenge one could take and this lady just nailed it.