Photographed in secret: See What This Dad did to a poor lady in line


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Photographed in secret: See What This Dad did to a poor lady in line

While the world is just drowning into paranoia and hatred, there are people who are doing their best to save the faith the world has in humanity. Read to know how a man’s simple and a beautiful gesture is spreading all over the Internet.



It all happened in Coles supermarket in Wyoming, New South Wales, Australia, where this man, Ryan O’Donnell, a father of two toddlers was standing in a line after an elderly lady who was having a problem in paying as her card kept declining. Ryan sensed that the lady didn’t have enough money to pay and did something that is winning hearts today. He stepped in to help the elderly lady and decided to pay for her.


Ryan decided to help the lady and asked the cashier for the lady’s bill. It was $44 bill and he laid to the cashier, $50. When the lady asked that how could she repay him, he simply replied with a smile, “Don’t worry. Have a good day.” What a gesture and an absolute champion. I wish we could have or be like this cute, kind guy.


Well! The world knows this guy today because of another good guy, Lurk, who was present there and decided to capture this random act of kindness. He had shared this picture on his Twitter account. This spread like wildfire and now Ryan is a hero. Ryan, however a down to earth guy, said that he just did what his parents taught him. This guy did what actually every human should do in times when another human needs help. People like Ryan are the ones who are keeping the hopes of humanity and kindness alive. Well done Ryan!