Video of UFO Blowing Up The Space X Rocket

A video capturing a UFO  flying close to the Space X Rocket minutes before it exploded has now become a worldwide phenomenon.


The video, which was captured in Cape Canaveral in Florida, went viral reaching millions of people around the world. It now has ufologists rubbing their heads in disbelief.


The footage shows an unidentified object fly past the launch pad. Experts are now suggesting that the UFO shot down the Falcon 9 Space X rocket as it underwent test prior to launch.

Conspiracy theorists also suggest that it was to stop the launch of the Facebook Satellite In the video, watch the screen at 0:11 as the dark object flies over the rocket as it explodes.

The theory gathered more momentum when Space X referred to it as “an anomaly” in one of its Tweets.

Viewers on Youtube said the anomaly might be just a bird or a drone. Others have suggested it was a deliberate Alien strike.

The rocket was meant to take a satellite into space that would enable Facebook to spot-beam Facebook to remote corners of the world.

One post said: “If between the left tower and right tower there is at least a quarter mile and the so called bug beamed from one end to the other in 1/4 second.

“That bug is at least going 3,600mph minimum. It’s not a bird, it’s an alien with a laser that destroyed the rocket. You can tell it is not a bird or a bug. Look at how the left tower hides the UFO behind it when you slow it down near the top. this indicated the UFO is behind the tower and not in front of the camera lens dropping the possibility of a bug.

The object looks much bigger than a bird or a drone?

Watch the video below and you decide.