VIDEO: Ghost Or Super Human? Guy ‘Flashes’ Across To Save Girl From Getting Run Over By Car

A CCTV footage captures a person flashing across the street to save a girl, who is about to be hit by a car. While, it isn’t clear whether the video is real or the work of a skilled video editor, it sure arouses curiosity.


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CCTV cameras capture the most freakiest of things, and at times the footage can send shivers down your spine. One such example is of a video that has been doing the rounds of the social media space of late. It shows a girl about to cross a street, when two cars come driving up. While she times herself to avoid the first car, she probably doesn’t notice the second one and would have been run over had it not been for this figure – much like Flash, the DC Comics superhero – who picked up the girl and zoomed across the road, thus saving her life, and then simply going off again.

The incident visibly shakes the girl, who is left sitting at the other end of the road, as well as the car’s driver, who had seen the girl at the last moment and tried to swerve the car, eventually stopping and getting out – wondering what had happened.


So, is this fantastic piece of clip fake and doctored? Who are these people? Where did this happen? Has the whole thing been orchestrated? We don’t know the answer to these questions, but the video has captured the imagination of Netizens and even though the clip is a bit old, it has suddenly picked up traction.

Watch the video here: