6 Year Old boy Got Pregnant, Doctors in SHOCK

It is very surprising and unbelievable news that a 6-year-old boy was pregnant, the doctor has removed the undeveloped fetus from his stomach.


This phenomenal incident is from Varanasi.

Ramesh’s father, a resident of Gadwa in Jharkhand, said that for the last few days, there was a lot of pain in the baby’s stomach and for quite some time he did not eat anything properly and was becoming more weak.

Firstly, he was treated at the BHU,, he did not get any relief, he was shown in a private hospital. In the initial investigation, the doctors told him to be tumor in the stomach and said to do the operation to remove the knot. But when the operation started, the doctors got shocked, that thing which looked like a knot was an undeveloped fetus which was removed after 2 hours of operation. This is the first case of such a small child being pregnant.


Doctors believe that this is the case with any one of the children in 5 lakh children and this is possible. It is called Turo Thieri, in which two mothers have fetuses in a mother’s womb, but develops only one, and that undeveloped fetus goes into the child’s stomach. And slowly starts to grow. Doctors told that this is such a case in India, even before 9 such cases have been reported.

After listening to the fetus’s hearing in the baby’s womb, the senses of the family got swept away and they were not convinced, but after understanding the whole cats, the families were satisfied. Doctors told that the child was becoming weak because of this, but now everything is fine.