Weak immunity is a problem of many. With age your immunity weakens, after any disease your immunity weakens, and even if you come across a communicable disease then also you suffer from illness because your immunity is not strong enough.


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Then is there a way to strengthen your immunity multiple times? Can you recover your immunity completely without the limitations of age, or any other illness? Will it be difficult of expensive?

The answer is Yes to first two questions and no to the last question.

A very simple way as fasting have been proven by scientists and multiple studies to rejuvenate your immunity, strengthen it, and the best part is that it is very simple and free of cost.

It may be considered to be the quickest weight loss way, but it also helps in regenerating and strengthening your immune system. Fasting for as little as two days can strengthen and regenerate your immune system, thus helping you fighting infections and diseases.

According to the results of a study by scientists at University of Southern California, this could be of great importance for elderly people, those with weak immune system and cancer patients.

The result of a test conducted for 6 months on both humans and mice, in which they avoided food for a given period have shown a significant reduction in white blood count. This eventually lead to the regeneration of white blood cells, thus renewing their body’s immune system.

The body also gets rid of the old, ineffective or damaged part of immune system. Even if you will start with a very weak system like that after chemotherapy or due to ageing, then also it will be regenerated by fasting cycles.

Enzymes like PKA (responsible for longevity) and hormone IGF-1 (responsible for cancer risk and progress) also gets reduced and in great levels.

A small trial found that fasting for as little as 72 hours before chemotherapy, actually protects them from toxicity. Although chemotherapy helps to save life but it also do several damage to our immune system. The outcome of this study have shown that fasting reduces few among them.Further investigations and researches are also in progress for it. I hope this will help you and make your worry-free of many issues. Now its time for you to give it a try and feel stronger and healthier.