If money would not be there, then I and we all would do this.

Agree to it, at some point in our life, we all had wished if there were nothing such things as money, no competition, no race to get to the top, just peace love and to follow and do what we really want to do. But money make us all do things, study and do a job only to make more money and to think and find ways to make more money. Those who are out of this loophole are really lucky and maybe are really at peace.
An awesome cartoon, showing the major dilemma we all face in life, which could spoil or make our life. But the main question is that should be do only that we enjoy doing, just what we would be doing if money were no object? Maybe that could give us real happiness and a joyful life.

What If Money Was No Object

What would you do if money won't matter

If you work only for money then you will suffer and get disapointment.

Work for your passion not money and you will love your life