13 Real Women Who Say They’ve Had S*x With Ghosts

Like men, women have a certain type of guy that they’ll date and some they won’t. But at the very least you expect them to pick someone to have a pulse and be, you know… real! But some women prefer to spice up their sex life with the dead. No, we’re not talking about necrophilia, but rather something more unusual called spectrophilia. Yeah, that’s right. Some women find ghosts sexually attractive. So here are some kinky experiences that some women claim to have had with an actual ghost.

Sian Jameson’s man is unlike other guys in that his idea of a good time involves a mixture of body fluids and ectoplasm.

His name is Robert, and according to Sian, he’s handsome, has beautiful hazel eyes, and liked stroking her body while he pressed down on her. Unfortunately, he was a typical guy, ghost or otherwise. After a couple of good bangs, he earned his wings and allegedly went to heaven, leaving Sian heartbroken and empty.


But they say that once you’ve had a ghost in you, you never want to go back.

So Sian claims that she’s had a relationship with another ghost after Robert, but that didn’t last either. Since then, it’s been over two years since she’s had a ghost haunt her vajayjay.


We’re sure that after reading this article, some women might get tempted to take out their Ouija Board and start communing with ghosts.


In fact, with these women so desperately looking for love and attention, it’s possible that Ouija sales will skyrocket. But if you’ve seen horror flicks like “Ouija” and Ouija 2″, you’ll know why you’ll want to keep the number of an exorcist on your phone’s contact list.

A spiritual guidance consultant from Bristol by the name of Amethyst has sworn off living men forever.

In fact, after getting a taste of what it’s like to screw a ghost, she told her fiancé to take a hike. But if you thought she felt guilty about sleeping with another guy, even if it was a ghost, guess again. She claimed the whole experience felt so natural that she has no regrets.

So how do you attract a ghost onto your bed? Well, according to Amethyst, you do it the same way as you would a living guy.

So she went to bed wearing a sexy negligee and just lay there in darkness until she felt the pressure as if someone was lying on top of her. But it wasn’t a crushing feeling, but rather a soft and lighter pressure. Yeah, that’s probably because ghosts aren’t corporeal.

Everyone deserves to find love again, especially after a divorce. Just ask Ann Elizabeth, who had just about given up on love.

She describes men as being the absolute worst, but apparently ghost men are so much nicer and hotter too. Apparently the ghost of her dreams was like a hunk from one of those steamy, and romance paperback novels.

Ann Elizabeth’s one night stand was certainly one for the books… or psychiatric notes.

All she did was close her eyes and imagine a hot ghost, and then one appeared. But she kept her eyes closed the entire time because she thought the ghost would get scared and run away if she looked at him. After he deposited his spectral nectar, she asked him to leave and he was gentlemen enough to oblige.

You may not have learned this by watching “Ghostbusters” or “Ghost,” but some women are in tune with the spirit realm.

A woman by the name of Joy happens to be one of those lucky ladies who can commune with the dead. But not only did she have sex with them, but apparently, she also had a real relationship with a ghost guy. She claims that it was very pleasurable too.


The first time that Laura Hale experienced intercourse with a ghost, she didn’t really know it was happening to her.

The 23-year-old woman from Louisiana was suffering from persistent sleep paralysis, which she believes was her body reacting to a ghost who regularly visited her for sex. But unlike some of the other women’s encounters, it was definitely not what you’d call pleasurable.

You could say that Laura’s experiences were violating in nature, as in rape.

She claims that the encounters creeper her out and she felt sick to her stomach, but that based on the way her body was responding, she was definitely experiencing something sexual at the hands of a ghost, and she was powerless to stop it.

In 2010, an anonymous author on the site, “Your Ghost Stories” wrote about her sexual experiences with the afterlife.

Before she knew it, she was like a saloon that was open for business as multiple ghosts would visit her in the middle of the night and arouse her sexually until she orgasmed. At first, it occurred to her while she was asleep, but after several weeks, she woke up in mid-session and was aware of the presence of a ghost.

Apparently, not all ghosts look human like Patrick Swayze or Bruce Willis, but the anonymous author didn’t mind it.

She described the ghostly apparition as some sort of greenish lizard-like dinosaur creature who was neither mean or scary. In fact, she claims that all it wanted to do was turn her on and play with her sexually, which they ended up doing. Apparently, it also wanted to transfer some sort of sexual energy into her… typical.

One New Hampshire widow was living in a trailer park with her daughter when a ghost started getting fresh with her.

She didn’t know what was going on at first, but when she woke up half asleep, she realized she was half lying on her stomach and her hips were moving back and forth. She could also feel the weight against her, even though there was no one in the room with her. So if you’re ever in New Hampshire and see a trailer rocking in the middle of the night, don’t bother knocking.


Melissa’s a Manhattan bartender living in a condo in New Jersey, who didn’t need to find a ghost to have a good time.

It had found her one night after she had gotten home after work. After laying in bed, she noticed the room had gotten darker as something heavy got on top of her. Then she felt all warm and tingly down there, while the ghost kissed her neck. Soon her heart began to race and her breathing got deeper until she, and apparently the ghost orgasmed.

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