For all you adventure seekers who get their kicks underwater, there is one mysterious place where you can go and swim in the blue waters but if you plan to dive in there, you may have to think twice.


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Situated in Wimberley, Texas, Jacob’s well is a natural artesian spring flowing from the bed of Cypress Creek. It is considered as one of the most dangerous places to dive on earth.

The mouth of this breathtaking well is four metres wide in diameter with a depth of approximately ten metres.


It angles down into a network of underwater caves having a depth of a massive forty metres.

However, this deep and dark black hole is not all fun and games, a few people have died here while taking the big plunge.

While some survived their miscalculated jumps and bad injuries, there were some who could not make their way to the surface.

Then there were some whose body remains were found years after the mishap happened.

However, Jacob’s well remains an unresolved mystery for scientists and a prime spot for thrill seekers looking for unusual adventures.

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