Story of a teenaged girl allergic to water (It will melt your heart)

Among the multitude of diseases that one can suffer on this planet, there is definitely some more serious than others. Allergies, for example, can be extremely serious but not very disabling according to allergen. But if you are allergic to water, life could become very complicated.


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Definition of allergy

Allergy is an immunological response of the organism, inappropriate and exaggerated to certain foreign substances: the allergens. Allergy can manifests itself in contact with pollen, dust mites or pet hair but also to certain foods or drugs. The environment has many allergens to which the patient can have allergic reactions. Allergies can affect the eyes, skin, and the respiratory system like the nose.

Today, the numbers of allergies are increasing in industrialized countries. It affects people of all ages, but particularly young people. Respiratory allergies are most frequent as it is estimated that about one in four people suffers from respiratory allergy symptoms.

Alexandra Allen, allergic to water

When Alexandra Allen was a little child, she always wanted to become a marine biologist and live on a boat. Her plans changed when she was 12 year old, she had her first allergic reaction after swimming in the pool of a hotel. «I remember I had to sit in the bathroom and to struggle to not scratching myself because that will make the situation worse until my mother came back with benadryl. »

In the beginning, parents believed it was an allergic reaction to chlorine or any pool product, but the symptoms were manifested again after a swim in the crystal clear water. A dermatologist, and many experts were able to see the Aquagenic hives – not an allergy, strictly speaking, but it’s so rare that’s only fifty cases like this one have been described in the medical literature. It often appears at puberty and affects more the young girls.

Big life changes

Bathing is not the only cause of suffering in such a young woman’s life currently 17 years old. Rain, snow, sweat, tears, a humid climate, all those elements can trigger a big crises of urticaria. Alexandra Allen even became a vegetarian so she can limit oils on her skin. And as all that she can do cannot be enough, because the disease is degenerative – it gets worse and worse with time -. Even to the point that drinking water could one day become a difficulty or a problem.

However, this does not prevent Alexandra Allen from enjoying her life and seeing the good side of this horrible situation: “At least I’m not allergic to dogs, and I don’t have to do the dishes anymore.