Get rid of blackheads with these DIY pore strips


Women all across the globe spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetic products to keep their skin flawless and beautiful. The question is whether all such items are worth the money? The answer is probably a ‘no’, since with prolonged use your skin might get damaged from the chemicals used in the products and the effects are also short lived. Skin problems are challenging to eliminate especially when you have a busy schedule. In case you have oily skin and suffer from blackheads, you might be having a hell of a life.

What are pore strips?

Do you spend hundreds of dollars every month in order to purchase the pore strips that help in eliminating the blackheads or white heads from your nose? Pore strips are easily accessible in the market and are also considered as the best method of getting rid of the sebum blockages from the open pores. The strips are basically pieces of adhesives that can stick to the bridge of your nose. You have to pull it out once it is dry.

Can you afford the expensive pore strips every day?

There is no scenario of picking or squeezing the nose and getting injured. But the only problem with the pore strips is that they are expensive and costly products. There are many women who need to use the strips on a daily basis in order to keep their pores clean. Don’t you think this is a costly affair? How many women can afford the use the pore strips on a daily basis. Is there any other alternative solution that is as effective and an inexpensive method?

Have you tried the DIY pore strips?

How about trying out making your DIY pore strips at home? Sounds exciting, isn’t it? This is absolutely possible and you can save a lot, since you don’t have to invest money on the cosmetic pore strips available in the market. Making pore strips is not only simple and easy but also not at all time consuming. This is something that you are going to enjoy as the methods are natural without the use of any chemicals and you don’t have to fear about the hazardous side effects.

Let us look into the two different methods of making homemade pore strips.

All about method 1

  • What are the ingredients required?
  • 2 tablespoon of milk
  • 1 tablespoon of unflavored gelatin
  • 1 disposable cup
  • A stick for stirring the mixture 

The method of preparation

You need to mix the milk and gelatin in the cup until it gets blended perfectly. The mixture will be lumpy. You need to ensure that you are microwaving it for around 10 seconds and immediately applying it on the affected area of the skin. The moment the mixture begins to cool down, it will start getting hard. This is one of the reasons why you should use a disposable cup as cleaning it will be near to impossible. Let the mixture dry completely and then peel it off. It is better if you keep away the mixture from your hairlines and eyebrow.

All about the second method

The second method seems more convenient and less time consuming and is ideal for those with busy schedules. There is no requirement of any mixing or using multiple ingredients. You have to apply only Elmer’s glue directly from the bottle and let it dry completely. Once the paste dries, you need to slowly peel it away from your skin like the first method. It will definitely clean your clogged pores and restrict the possibility of breaking out. You will definitely look fresh and radiant after applying the homemade mixture.

Apply caution while using the products

Even though the mixtures are made from homemade products and are non-toxic in nature but often our skin gets sensitive and we might get rashes after applying. Henceforth, it is always suggested that before you start with the application for the first time, you must experiment it on a small area of your to look out for any reaction or allergies which you might have. Do not go for these methods if you feel irritation or rashes on the part of the skin on which you tested these pastes. It is always suggested to keep the paste away from the eye section and eyebrows.

Try out the DIY methods of making pore strips and you will definitely benefit from them. And yes, it is always safe to use the pore strips just a few times a week rather than using them daily.