Shocking Evidence Reveals Dinosaurs Didn’t Die The Way We Thought

Dinosaurs ruled the planet before any human existence. Their species came in a variety of sizes and types that would almost scare the hell out of any human being. But the question regarding their extinction has been daunting many scientific researchers.

Although it was believed that dinosaurs simply failed to cope with the climatic changes and hence went extinct, a new theory reveals something entirely different.

Dinosaurs have been extinct for longer than they were present on Earth.
Many say that it was due to the climatic changes and dinos failed to cope with them. But this new theory regarding dinosaur extinction will seriously blow you.

The pre-historic calamity which led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

If you’re still unsure regarding the theory behind the extinction of the dinosaur species, you could check out this video to be up to date.

But a new theory has been proposed.


The new theory also makes a lot more sense.

Oil might have been the culprit.

An asteroid might have hit the now Mexico region releasing a thick cloud of oil on Earth.

The T-Rex wasn’t able to survive.


Relatives of the dino family like alligators and crocodiles were able to hide underground and save their species.

Unfortunately, the T-Rex couldn’t hide underground.


Hence, the entire species was wiped out due to the asteriod explosion.