Regular intake of Diet-soda results in this! Shocking Disclosure!

Almost everyone on this planet consumes it and most of them drink diet-soda regularly. It is like a routine. If one is thirsty then he will go to the market and ask for a can or bottle diet-soda, but never a bottle of water. But do you even know what you are drinking in it? What all it has in it and what impact does it have on your body and mind? It is enough to blow your mind.

*Half a litre of diet soda has an equivalent of about 18 teaspoons of sugar!
Yes, this much. It is bad, very bad for your health. Our daily diet must not have more than 3-4 teaspoon of sugar. This high level of sugar is a big threat to our health and fitness. It contributes greatly in our obesity, reduces immunity, heart problems, results in high blood pressure and many more.

Our body cannot take this much high amount of sugar in 1 go, and hence is we take such amount of sugar then we will immediately vomit it out.
Then why it doesn’t happen?
It is because, aspartame is present in it. In its presence our body is not be able to detect this high level of sugar.

*Aspartame itself is very deadly and have been linked to many serious health issues.
It has been linked to diabetes, Heart issues, blood pressure issue; it has been linked to cancer and many more.

*Also instead of sugar, companies use high fructose corn syrup, because it is much cheaper. It increased body fat, cholesterol, is linked with sleeping issues and more.

* Diet-soda is very acidic in nature.
It weakens your bones, is responsible in calcium depletion, tooth decay, gives rise to all kinds of bone issues, effects digestion, upsets stomach and the list is never ending.
Diet soda benefits
*It has always been recommended that if you are working to loose weight or want a healthy and fit body then stop intake of diet-soda. It will make things very easy for you.