Proper Positions To Sleep If You Struggle With Some Of These Health Problems


Sleeping is very important for our health. A person sleeps on average 25 years in his/her life or seven to nine hours a night. It is also important to find the right sleeping position so you can improve the overall health. The position of sleeping affects many aspects of the body like sinus infection, blood pressure and other conditions. If you want to solve these problems, you should focus on your sleeping positions and here are some of them:

*Shoulder pain*

Women’s Health Magazine says that the pain in the shoulder can be treated by sleeping on the side that doesn’t hurts with legs bent slightly. You can get a pillow and place it between the knees and another grasp to the chest.

*Back pain*

Sleeping position for back pain is very important. You need to sleep in a posture that is best for you. WebMD advices that you need to lay on the back and place pillow under the knees. Also to place a towel (rolled up) under the back’s curve.


The sleeping position, when it comes to headache, can make it worse or relieve. It is said that some headaches are a result of twisted neck while sleeping. You should surround the head with pillows to prevent it from turning.

*Sinus trouble*

The position in sleeping is very important foe sinus infection and it can be beneficial or detrimental. It is recommended by the Harvard Medical Scholl that sleeping with elevated head can help in preventing the mucus from pooling in the sinuses.

*High blood pressure*

You should consult a doctor before try any treatment for the blood pressure. In a report was revealed that sleeping faced down can lower the blood pressure significantly.

*PMS pain*

If you suffer from painful symptoms of PMS, some sleeping positions can worsen the situation. Women’s Health Magazine says that sleeping with a pillow under the knees can prevent arching of the spine.

*Neck pain*

For those who suffer from pain in the neck, a neck support can make a difference. PainPhysicians advice that you need to take a towel (rolled up) and place it under the neck and you can place it under the pillowcase so you can fix it.

*Digestion trouble*

It is recommended to sleep on the left side for improved digestion. This is because the stomach is on the left side in our bodies. In that way it enables gravity to improve the digestion.


Heartburn is annoying condition. The best way to treat it is to sleep on the left side.

These are some of the positions that can help you and improve your sleep and health. But you should consult a doctor if you have some concerns or questions. Choose the right position and you will improve the sleeping quality.

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